Born in 1979, in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. She’s a multidisciplinary artist, compromising and standing out in the painting and her unique way she photographs. She have done murals, video art and mixed media on different surfaces. Has been recognized her paintings because of the certainly, provocative and evocative. One characteristic of her work is the extraction and abstraction of forms and figures. In her work represents various parameters existential, psychological, human behavior, moods of the individual and contemporary society. It is a starting point for the artist where she highlighted and emphasized in the areas that she wants as a focal point and emphatic in her work. It has been classified by the group calling itself “Generation X” of Puerto Rican Art, art group that has in common the denominator of being born in the decades of 60′-70 ‘and have the characteristic of having passion for what they do without borders and barriers. She has been in direct contact from very young in the arts for what she has been privileged to be guided by a number of master artists. In her creative process uses several traditional and modern tools and technology. The artist uses photography as one of the tools that let her captures the essence of the subject momentary and spontaneous using as inspiration. The Photograph is a very versatile that allows her to manipulate the lens which emits the daring compositions by capturing it with the combination of lighting, color, line, shape, volume and angle-dependent uptake for the use of her compositions. The computer is the most prominent of the XXI century and is one of her penchants for allowing her to set color schemes while using the reference picture. During this process the artist highlights and features highlighted with strokes that produce emotions, attitudes and in turn represent experiences of individual and collective behavior of Puerto Rican society with a global view. Develops in her work through a number of flat spots, saturated colors, color or monochrome playing with silhouetted shapes forming patterns within them, which relate to maps and figures way through these, spots, being this characteristic and aesthetic element in her work.